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Non-governmental organization "Mriya Vilnih Lyudey"

The residents of “Suvorivskyi” and nearby areas, gathered voluntarily in the first days of the war, when everyone was in perplexity and uncertainty on the territory of the City Center. They promptly began the preparations to the defense of Odessa. The activity started from the defense of the city, then the direction of work expanded and was adjusting.

The aim of NGO: The Ukraine victory in the war.

NGO mission: to bring goodness and to be useful.


One of our main tasks today is the coordination of refugees. We gather data of people who need help. 

We evacuate and(or) coordinate people moving from places where warfare actions are taking place. 

We feed, give the necessary clothes, and provide psychological support to people who are planning to be in Odessa by transit. We help them with the transfering to the border.

Our team organized a weekly Viche with a patriotic march and a chaplain service, in aim to support the moral spirit of the cityzen.  We installed a monument on the territory of the City Center, where you can mention the fallen Warriors-Heroes of Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians. You can put a candle (lamp), put flowers and photos there.

Now we are non-governmental organization “Mriya Vilnih Lyudey”, which includes many departments, such as:


Our plans for the near future include:

  •  buying the cars for the evacuation of refugees from zones of active warfare;
  •  to establish close relations with Ukrainian diasporas abroad to improve the staying of the refugees abroad.
  •   to create a radio – “A volunteer”, in aim of the volunteering development in Odessa, Ukraine and over the world.
  •  to create educational content about Ukraine.
  • to develop tourism after the war.

We need a constant flow of humanitarian aid such as: products, clothing, personal hygiene products, medicines, for further distribution to needy, also the military ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In aim to continue been able to us to provide necessary support for refugees, poor people, large families, pensioners and our military personnel, as much, as possible.

Some of our achievements

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Lunches have been provided

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People have been dressed up

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People have been temporary housing

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The camouflage net has been woven

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Sorting center

We bring all the provisions to the headquarters, sort them here, then distribute them or deliver them to everyone who needs help.


Become a volunteer just today.

Our volunteers had different professions: teachers, philologists, artists, psychologists, accountants, entrepreneurs, builders, drivers, filmmakers…, before the war.  Today we all are doing the same thing – we are bringing Ukraine closer to victory.


News about the life of the Volunteer Center.

Humanitarian help from Lithuania

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