We weave nets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Project Description:

We are collecting money for camouflage nets for the Armed Forces!

We are starting a collection for camouflage nets for defenders. 350 nets with a total area of about 8,000 square meters have already been woven with the total efforts of 5 months.

We are the public organization “Mriya Vil’nykh Lyudey”, we are located in Odessa, we work in various directions, one of which is weaving camouflage nets. The activity started back in March, when we did not yet have significant experience in this field. Later, people who wanted to help our soldiers and protect them in this way began to join us. Now, every day, an average of 50 volunteers work on the production of nets, and new volunteers are constantly joining this cause. Now volunteers of “Mriya Vil’nykh Lyudey” weave up to 3,000 square meters per month, using various techniques.

We have an established process of manufacturing nets and already have a very large number of orders, also, we cooperate with Nova Poshta under the “Humanitarian Post of Ukraine” program, and therefore all costs of delivery to the front-line areas are borne by this carrier.

In this difficult time, our support is very much needed by the military. Our nets go to different points of the country, where the battles are localized. The demand for them is extremely high! Therefore, by the new year, we plan to produce and ship 6,000 square meters of camouflage netting.

We use a significant amount of materials every month. 1.5 meters of fabric is used for 1 m of mesh.

Join this common cause! Together to victory!

Our details:

“Public organization “Mriya Vil’nykh Lyudey”

IBAN UA043390720000026003126641001

EDPNOU code (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations) 44739349

PRIVATbank card

4246 0010 0118 6240

Purpose of payment: for camouflage net




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What are the goals and objectives of the project?

By the end of December 2022, we plan to weave and send 6,000 square meters of camouflage net to our soldiers.

What is the detailed plan and algorithm for project implementation?

1. Filming of a video highlighting the problem
2. Fundraising announcement
3. Monthly purchase of materials (bases and fabrics)
4. Manufacturing process (weaving), approximately 2000 square meters per month
5. Sending nets to our soldiers
6. Permanent, weekly photo or video report

What are the key performance indicators of the project?

6,000 square meters of camouflage net by the end of the project.
2,000 square meters per month for three months starting September 20.

What we're lacking to implement the project?


Administration of the project after its completion

We will continue to weave nets until the victory of Ukraine and look for sponsors. We are planning to purchase a machine for the production of the base (fishing net) and fabric.

What is the required budget for the project?

1 800 000 UAH

What will the collected funds be used for?

For this reason, on an ongoing basis, we NEED:
1) base, fishing net, 4×4 cell – the cost is 60 UAH / m²
2) special fabric (greta) – the cost is 160 UAH/m²
We already have suppliers of these materials and agreements with them.

In total, we need 6000 m² of base and 9000 m² of fabric for the project.
The cost of the base is 360,000 UAH. The cost of the fabric is 1,440,000 UAH.

Risks and difficulties in the implementation of the idea

Creation of sabotage by the enemy. Moving to another location may slow down today’s manufacturing speed.

Funds raised
5 800 UAH out of 1 800 000 UAH

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